Friday, October 07, 2005

Day Five-- Kiln, Mississippi

Final Day

Back at work on the S's 2,800 square foot home... More work than we'd originally thought. Marty and Sissy grunted alongside us, as well as Devin and Denae. Devin is becoming a master at backing the ATV trailer, at just 10 years old. We've seen him improve in just 24 hrs. The work never seemed to stop, but our attitudes were pretty good considering the enormity of the task.

Marty and Sissy insisted that they prepare our lunch today instead of us bringing our usual sack lunch. They cooked ribeyes on the grill, and rounded out the meal with stuffed baked potatoes and beans. After such a lunch, it was tough to get back to work. We all were sluggish and slow to get up, but the fellowship was sweet. I actually ate with the family at their table, which was, looking back, the place I wanted to be. We talked fishing and about cooking fish, and football. Bret Favre's hometown is Kiln, it turns out. The little boy, Devin has visited the Favre home in Hattiesburg, MS--he's a Packers fan, naturally.

The job didn't get completely wrapped up, but much progress was made. It was sad to leave this family, but the work we did will not soon be forgotten, I'm sure.

Something was said tonight during our reflection time after dinner that really rang true to my spirit. My take-home message for the week:
"It's not about the house.
It's about the relationships we build."
These families will no doubt go on to rebuild, and the work we've accomplished is a grand start to that process, but my prayers are that these folks will remember our presence and desire to follow Christ in their lives simply because of seeds we may have planted.

The evening meal was actually a field trip of sorts. The four of us men, plus one woman, wanted to have some real cajun food, so we went up the road a bit to the Cajun Connection. A shrimp Po-Boy filled me up. After all, I hadn't come fourteen hours to have pizza.

To my surprise and joy, L. called me from Australia on her aunt's satellite phone. It was an iffy connection on the phone, but oh, so wonderful to hear the voice of my beloved girl. I wish I could kiss her right now, but I know the next week will pass and we'll be on the same time zone soon.

Goodnight and Goodbye, Kiln, MS. You shall not be forgotten.

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