Monday, November 21, 2005

The Go! Team

On my commute this AM, I was arrested by an uncommonly catchy indie-pop song on the local college radio station, WKNC 88.1 FM. If you click on the image at right and choose the Thunder Lightning Strike cassette, then the song "Huddle Formation" you'll be on your way to indie-hipsterdom. Or at the very least, you'll find yourself moving along to the beat.

Their sound, on this track is reminiscent of last year's indie darlings: Arcade Fire. I'd go so far as to say the Go! Team is 2005's AF. But then again, what do I know? I only know what my ears like, and today, they're totally digging the Go! Team.

+ + + UPDATE 22, November 2005 + + +

I was fortunate enough to snag the last copy at the local Best Buy, and upon first listen, I can tell this disc is going to be in rotation for a long time. These talented musicians blend harmonicas, samples, cheerleaders (?!) melodic toe-tapping rhythms, and the occasional horn, into what I can only describe as upbeat, indie-pop music. I haven't been this excited about a new CD since the aforementioned Arcade Fire release. Speaking of which... there should be a new album out soon, I should think...

Anyhow, I can highly recommend The Go! Teams: Thunder, Lightning, Strike. To be played at Maximum volume. You might just find yourself shaking your booty, to boot.


c said...

i agree a teeny bit with the arcade fire comparison. similar type sound, but tough to live up to arcade fire,i think. and thanks for the directions of what to do once on the go! team site - that's a trip all in itself just finding the music :-) cool blog.

bigshoulders said...

thanks for the kind feedback, c. the Arcade Fire comparison is really only present on the track "Huddle Formation."

i failed to mention that about 1/2 the tracks are instrumentals, but that doesn't really matter as the vocals are secondary to the upbeat rhythms you'll find throughout the disc. it only gets more and more catchy with repeated listens.


mattm said...

Agreed on the Arcade Fire comparison with the Go! Team

If you like these, Sigur Ros's Takk is worth checking out too