Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What I'm about to post doesn't come easy. I've started this paragraph maybe 1/2 dozen times tonight and I'm just going to rip the band-aid off quickly and say it: Lisa and I broke up. It was last Wednesday, and I haven't known how to go about writing about it here, in this tongue-tied blog of mine. Still don't, really.

We parted amiably, and in my life, there has never been a more gentle parting of ways. Lisa was a wonderful girlfriend, and I can say that the past six months have been without a doubt some of the best times of my life. Before departing, we prayed for each other. I can attest to the power of prayer this week, as it has sustained me. God also revealed to me in His word that perseverance builds character, and character, hope. (Romans 5: 3-4) And for this reason, I press on, so that I may learn and grow from this experience.

Lisa, my prayers for you are ongoing. God has wonderful plans for you. And for me, too. Of this, I am sure. Thank you for making this year so memorable.

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