Monday, December 19, 2005


only six days left...
must keep reminding self:
madness soon will lift

[an aside: The author wishes to let any concerned readers know that he is well and isn't going 'mad' as the above senryu might suggest. It's the seasonal madness that plagues this Christmas season that has him all wound up.]


ItsTJoint said...

I think that seasonal madness grips all. Good thing people don't get committed en masse during this time of year or I would be in the asylum for sure.

ItsTJoint said...

Oh, I'm more than familiar with the madness. My solution for sanity has been waiting until the 22nd or 23rd and going to Target. There's a gift for everyone at Target!

bigshoulders said...

the madness i write of here is this manic mode that people go in, running here and there... trying to buy the 'perfect gift' for someone, the long lines everywhere, people going into debt in order to "have a decent Christmas" and the whole meaning of Christmas is about a baby, above all things.

Madness indeed.
thanks for stopping by TJ!

Dirty_Snowflake said...

Thanks for coming by the Dirty_snowflake and for your kind words! The madness has a hold of many of us right now. Thank goodness it is mostly temporary!