Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alina Simone

In the "girl with guitar" genre, a new voice is emerging, one Alina Simone. Her pared-down guitar evokes early PJ Harvey and Cat Power. Her debut EP "Prettier in the Dark" is available over at Fractured Discs. It's rare for me to be captivated so quickly, but the pair of mp3's available below have done exactly that.

+ Love and Rockets.mp3
+ Siberia.mp3


c said...

okay, you roped me in with pj and cat references. i'll give it some listens. have you always had those quotes on the left side/bottom? maybe i just never noticed - i like them a lot.
"Good is the enemy of great."
-- Voltaire
bono uses that quote all the time - i shoulda known he ripped it off from someone else!

bigshoulders said...

how did you like Alina Simone? the quotes on the left sidebar have been there a while. i often add to them as i find ones i like and appreciate. the Voltaire quote has been up for a long while.

let me know what you think of A. Simone. i hope to catch her live show soon.


c said...

i think she's really great. what a voice.....i'm sure it will be an awesome live show.

Anonymous said...

Hay thanks for that

floots said...

i like alina too