Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Submarines

The Submarines are Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti. Though but a duo, they pack a full-on punch of infectious hooks and melodies. Their new album Declare a New State! isn't out just yet, but be the first kids on your block to hear 'em. Just click on the following links...

+ Peace and Hate.mp3
+ Clouds.mp3
+ Vote.mp3


catnapping said...

wow, thank you! this is some good stuff, here.

i would never have thought to get this music...i'm so out of touch these days.

this is a wonderful gift.


Danielle said...

Most excellent!

bigshoulders said...

glad you both enjoyed them! i keep listening to "Peace and Hate" over and over again. there's some real depth to the lyrics for the careful listener.

i'm happy to share them with you.


luisa said...


which one is blake and which one is john?

bigshoulders said...

blake = 'the chick'
john = 'the dude'.


they kinda have a white stripes duo thing going on, only they really are a couple that broke up, only to realize that they made better music together. (not nearly as mysterious/ambiguous as the W.Stripes.) atleast that's what i've gathered from their website's bio.

i feel like a real music nurd right now. i apologize, luisa.


Danielle said...


Better a music nurd than a complete dork. I never checked out a link on your blog titled "Wilco" because I was convinced that was the guy who sang "Der Komissar." LOL

So, for those of us who have been out of the loop for a while, we salute you.