Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I feel like some Johnny Cash tonight. The first two of these mp3's are from the Unearthed box set, a present to myself a couple Christmases ago.

"Redemption Song" is quite possibly my favorite duet of all time. Cash covers Bob Marley with none other than the late Joe Strummer in this version. "The Man Comes Around" is all about Jesus Christ. Cash wore his faith on his sleeve for most of his life, and this song is taken straight from the pages of Revelation. It gives me chills to hear him sing scripture like this. Without further ado:

+ Redemption Song.mp3
+ The Man Comes Around (early take).mp3
+ The Man Comes Around (album version).mp3


Pat Paulk said...

Have always been a Cash fan. Watched the movie the other day. Didn't care for JP's voice, but who can sing like Johnny Cash. Thanks for the post, enjoyed!

Danielle said...

Cash is humble and powerful. What a way to connect and contemplate.

bigshoulders said...

Glad you liked the music Pat and Danielle. I'll probably be posting more in the future...

I loved the movie, but agree that noone could replicate CASH's voice with real authority. I recall reading about one requirement JC had about the person who would portray him:

"I just hope they know how to hold a guitar. You don’t hold it like it’s a baby and you’re frightened it’s going to break. You grab it by the neck."