Saturday, May 27, 2006

Chatham County Line

Some of the best bluegrass music is being made just down the road from where I stay. Chatham County Line are keeping traditional bluegrass music alive, which is encouraging, considering how young these musicians are. I had the pleasure of attending their CD release show a week ago and picked up their upcoming release: "Speed of the Whippoorwill."

It will be in stores on May 30, and I highly recommend it. It's steeped in lyrical tales that could easily have been written 100 years ago. These lads are sharp dressers to boot.
Photo by Mike Traister

+ Chatham County Line - Rock Pile
+ Chatham County Line - Speed of the Whippoorwill

+ Nowhere to Sleep (video)


Jennifer said...

I love their music... found it in the independent record shop of choice in Greenville, SC (Earshot) and have loved it ever since. I'm particularly fond of 'The Day I Die'.

bigshoulders said...

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by... they Are good, and are even better live. If they come around Greenville be sure to check 'em out.