Friday, May 05, 2006

Modern Psalmist

As of late, I've been listening to Matisyahu. Constantly. With a firm grasp of his Jewish roots, Matisyahu (the Hebrew equivalent of Matthew) blends Reggae, beatbox, and his Orthodox faith into a wonderful, feverish amalgam. On his latest release "Youth" one song in particular reaches me in a profound way: "King Without a Crown." It's a Psalm for the 21st century. He would make Bob Marley and King David smile & dance.

His relentless touring schedule brought him to Chapel Hill a few mos. back, but I wasn't hip enough to it at the time. But I can live vicariously through boots, of which there are many.

Crystal Ballroom
Portland, OR

01. crowd
02. Sea To Sea
03. Nigun
04. Chop 'em Down
05. Tzama L'cha Nafsh
06. Got No Water
07. Youth
08. Lord, Raise Me Up
09. Close My Eyes
10. Beat Box
11. Fire and Heights
12. Exaltation
13. Warrior
14. King Without A Crown
15. Heights

check out "Lord, Raise Me Up" & "King Without A Crown"

Matisyahu's shows are readily available, as he's very taper friendly. However, these recordings are never to be bought or sold, but shared.
Peace, er Shalom.


steve said...

Nice! I missed this show in my hometown of Portland!

Danielle said...

WOW! Love this guy! Thanks, DJ K.