Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Praising God for...

unashamed Christian atheletes.

The 2005-2006 NHL season ended in my backyard last night, with the Carolina Hurricanes pulling out all the stops in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Two of the 'Canes have made it very public where they stand with their faith. At left is Glen Wesley, a fine defensemen, who, with 18 years in the league, had the distinction of being the player who had appeared in the most post-season games without winning the Stanley Cup title— that is, until last night.

"When you look at an injury, a setback or anything else comes your way, you have to look to the truth," says Wesley. "For me, that's going into God's word."

The goalie for the Canes, 22 y.o. Cam Ward is also an ambassador for Christ. He sports a small cross on the back of each helmet, and he's quoted as saying: "Before every game I will pray just before I go on the ice."

Now I'm not claiming that God is a Caniac or even if He even cares about the outcome of such a game. Certainly there's more to life than 60 minutes of ice hockey, but these 2 men are good at what they do, and because of their God-given abilities, they are in a position where they can witness to others by their example and their lives on display for others.

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Danielle said...

Sweet post. My mom called me cheering yesterday. Who ever thought the Stanley Cup would land in NC??

Here's to Christian athletes! AMEN!

bigshoulders said...

Right on!
I know-- it's weird to think that the eyes of those who follow the NHL were focused on North Carolina.

as an aside, Glen Wesley attends my church, but i haven't spied him yet... maybe he'll bring the cup to church? LOL.

Danielle said...

Try n' see if he wants to join your small group...get as close to that cup as you can...I imagine it's kinda like a holy grail experience but only on a lesser plane.

The Jew said...

yay for some of the Canes loving Jesus...

I'm from NC as well, though I live in Maine now, and it was depressing having nobody to celebrate with. :)

bigshoulders said...

danielle: it's wishful thinking that Wesley would bring the cup to my small group. oh well...

the jew: right on! hey, you couldn't hear the cheers all the way up in Maine!? lol.
thanks for stopping by!


Gina D. said...

I work with athletes for a living, so this praise touched me. I also praise God for Christian athletes who give the glory of their success to the Lord, and who call on God for strength and victory in their competitions!