Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Handful of Orphans

Gearing up for the 2006 Orphans tour, I'd like to share with you some musical orphans--those rare songs that for whatever reason, didn't find themselves on Waits LP's, or are alternate takes on familiar favorites.

Here's hoping that the man plays some of these during the upcoming tour. All selections were culled from the superb "Tales From the Underground" series.

+ The Fall of Troy
+ Playin' Hooky
+ Annie's Back in Town
+ Stray Dog
+ It's All Right With Me
+ Sea of Love (cover)
+ Take Care of All of My Children
+ I'll Never Let Go of Your Hand
+ What Else Is New
+ Hang On St. Christopher (instrumental)


The Continental Op said...

Except for "Sea of Love", I'd not heard any of these. Since the Orphans tour doesn't appear to be coming out to the west coast, I'll have to settle for these as a consolation prize.

bigshoulders said...

I'll gather up another handful this weekend and set you up again. Check back with me...