Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Upcoming Buckner

When I first moved to Raleigh seven years ago, one of the first shows I ventured out to was one given by Richard Buckner at Go! Studios in Carrboro. Buckner, a road warrior musician, was performing his unique brand of alt.country, just him and his guitars. Songs full of heartbreak and regret, betrayals, lingering goodbyes, and little wallet pictures.

Captivated immediately by his lyrical story-telling, I went out and bought his entire back catalog, which at the time was 3 albums: Bloomed, Since, and Devotion + Doubt. I steeped myself in his lyrics, and they found their way on several compilation cd's that I was known to crank out from time to time.

A new Buckner album, Meadow is due out September 12, on Merge Records. The opening track "Town" has graciously been made available for download.

+ Richard Buckner - Town

Do your ears a favor, give him a spin.


Beth said...

Love Richard Buckner! I discovered him via "Ariel Ramirez," when it was used in a commercial. Isn't it a heartbreakingly beautiful song? I've since gotten all three albums. Would love to catch him live.

bigshoulders said...

Me too! I am so focused on Waits now... but this is a release that I'm looking forward to. The commerical was a VW commercial incidentally. You weren't the only one whose ears were pricked by that commercial.