Thursday, August 03, 2006

I went to Church on Tuesday...

and saw this man, right 'chere:

How fitting for Tom Waits to open up his 2006 Orphans tour in a converted Baptist church in Downtown Atlanta. The Tabernacle, as it is called, holds 2,500 and has towering 100' ceilings, 2 balconies, and plenty of floor space.

Lining up at 2:30 for an 8:00 show sounded like a fine idea, which paid handsome dividends. I was front and center, behind a single solitary person. The crowd didn't "rush" the stage which was a real blessing-- I thought it would get really compact once Tom came on, but no. It was going on 10 years in the making, but I was thrilled to finally get to see Tom live. "I know I been changed."

Here's the setlist:

Tom Waits
01 Aug 2006
The Tabernacle, Atlanta Georgia

Make It Rain
Hoist that Rag
Shore Leave
God's Away on Business
'Til the Money Runs Out
Blue Valentine
Lucky Day
Tango til they're Sore
House Where Nobody Lives
Don't Go into that Barn
Who's Been Talkin'
Whistlin' Past the Graveyard
9th & Hennepin
Trampled Rose
Get Behind the Mule
Murder in the Red Barn
Shake It

encore 1:
Goin' Out West

encore 2:
Day After Tomorrow
Heartattack & Vine

photo by Matt


The guy with the glasses said...

I bet it was a great show. Tom live is awesome. I saw him in London in 2004 and in Paris in 2000. Just jaw droppingly awesome. Do you know if anyone managed to tape the show? I would love to hear it.

bigshoulders said...

I know it was taped-- by Tom's own people. They were visable with manned cameras on stage, behind black screens. As for stealth rigs, I'm not privvy to any of that info... but I've got my ear to the ground and will post any info. here to any .flacs that surface. I'd love to relive it, myself.


Beth said...

Wasn't Tuesday night amazing, life-changing? Okay, maybe that's a little over the top ... but it feels like that. I didn't stay up front with Lance - I thought it would be more fair to save that spot for fans like you - but I loved it all the same. Did you hit Asheville? Going to other cities? Wish I was ...

BTW, I saw your list of favorite bands; we share so many of the same. Come back to my blog to read about all my music obsessions; I've bookmarked you.