Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meet Ms. Mary Manx, the Tailless Cat

I stumbled on the Hobo Project the other day. In short, artists from all over the web choose fictional hobo names from John Hodgman's strange almanac The Areas of My Expertise, and illustrate the character. The results are quite interesting. From what I've gathered, the collection of 700 (+ 100 additional names from the paperback edition) are entirely fictional, but endearing nonetheless.

from the website:

"It is meant as an homage to the wandering men and women who chose to ride the rails during and before The Great Depression, and not the contemporary urban (or rural) poor."
It's a wonderful way to wile away the time, and what's more: anyone can contribute to the project. Here's the master list.


Beth said...

Can't wait to explore this site tonight! Thanks for letting me know ...

Jon said...

whats up man. just stoppin by. you doing good?