Sunday, February 25, 2007

Arcade Fire "Intervention" on SNL

Aside: the words on Win's guitar... "Sak vide pa kanpe" is a Creole proverb that means: "An empty sack cannot stand up." Not sure what was up with that rock star move at the end, though. Seemed like a perfectly good guitar that simply needed some new strings.

And to feed the AF hunger, if you are torrent-savvy, you can download two recent shows from NYC. The good Doctor Mooney has an mp3 version available of the Feb. 17th show. Personally, I'd rather not pollute trading circles with mp3-encoded shows, so I've chosen to simply post the links to the torrents.

Arcade Fire 16-Feb-2007 Judson Memorial Church
Arcade Fire 17-Feb-2007 Judson Memorial Church

The new album "Neon Bible" drops on 06-Mar-2007. Apparently the album has already leaked, but I've exercised restraint in order that I might hear it in it's full glory, whilst fondling the 32 page booklet and whatnot. Some things are just worth the wait, is all.
Official Arcade Fire website.


bigshoulders said...

Looks as if NBC laid claim to the above video. Apologies to any late-comers who didn't get a chance to see this performance.


Wonder said...

this getting busy work, more at WoWonder links that is to more ...

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