Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello! Konichiwa! Merhaba! Seavas! ¡Hola!

some of the latest visitors to this humble electronic home hail from far away places, some with rather interesting names. Take for example:

  • Bridal Veil, Oregon
  • Goose Creek, South Carolina
  • Amagasaki, Japan
  • Durham, England
  • Ankara, Turkey
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Glasgow, Kentucky
  • Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Thanks for stopping by... let me hear from you.


Anonymous said...

hey man just found your blog searching for some yo la tengo live shows from the recent tour. saw them in knoxville and was amazed. ira is a guitar god.

besides yo la tengo i've recently been grooving to stereolab, deerhunter, califone, and of course wilco's sky blue sky.

check 'em out if you get the chance. loved the v-roys entry. scott's coming down here in april.

take care and i've got you bookmarked now so you better keep up the good work. it's a hard life informing the masses.

will woodard

nina from goose creek said...

Hey up there in North Cackalack! This is Nina from Goose Creek, thought I'd take a second to say "hi!" as you requested. :) We are pretty much neighbors. Goose Creek is a suburb of Charleston, btw, if you were curious. I am pretty sure I came across your site doing a Google search for a song, then stayed a while to read. Thanks for the virtual "shout out"!

bigshoulders said...

@ Will: were you on G-town? If so, then we're no strangers! We've caught many of the same Wilco shows over the years, I'm sure. I was at the Savannah and Myrtle Beach shows a couple years ago.

I've been holding off on the Wilco spoiler. I'd rather wait to get my paws on it when it's released. I'm a sucker for liner notes and artwork I suppose.

@ Nina: Thanks for stopping by! (any chance you know Will?) It's good to get some personal interaction with this bloody thing called a blog. Otherwise it's just dead air. Cheers!


Nina said...

I thought that was pretty interesting that Will was from Charleston. I actually live in Charleston proper but I've been staying at my parents house in the 'burbs', hence the Goose Creek popping up on your tracker. But, no, to my knowledge I don't know Will.