Friday, March 30, 2007

Neutral Milk Hotel - Reunites for a One-off Gig!

I'm not an astronomer, but somewhere there will be heavenly bodies aligning, if only for a moment, in August, 2007. The fabled Neutral Milk Hotel are reuniting, though briefly, to perform at the first ever Tiny Mix Tapes festival in Minneapolis.

[from the horse's mouth...]

update: turns out it was an early APRIL FOOLS joke... the planets are back in their normal position after all.


miguel said...

this was an april fool's joke

Beth said...

What a cruel joke. I was excited there for 15 seconds and considering a jaunt up to The Purple City.

bigshoulders said...

I was taken with you, Beth. It crossed my mind that it could be an April Fool's Joke... but then again it was posted 2 Days prior to April 1... so I went with it... only to find out the cruel news later.


luisa said...

6 Weird things at Heraclea ;)

I am so late posting that....

great fun reading yours ages ago!