Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Little Friday" Mix

For this fortnight, this playlist is going to be a bit reflective of the weather we're having down south . . .

01. The Apples in Stereo — The Sun is Out
02. The Beatles — Good Day Sunshine
03. The Raconteurs — Yellow Sun
04. Ramones — California Sun
05. Violent Femmes — Blister in the Sun
06. Ben Harper — She's Only Happy in the Sun
07. Kinks — Waterloo Sunset
08. Wilco — A Magazine Called Sunset
09. Arctic Monkeys — When the Sun Goes Down
10. Sally Timms — Dark Sun


Dale said...

And it's been raining a pour here so it works for me. Good tunes, thanks!

Beth said...

Damn, it's been lovely, hasn't it?

bigshoulders said...

@ Dale: thanks! Maybe I should do a follow up on Rain for you folks... what do you think?

@ Beth: you ever check out The Apples in Stereo? They are quite contagious!



Dale said...

I'm good with the Rain mix as long as it brings out the sun!