Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"It's Good Enough For Now..."

So I'm taking a much needed respite from the work week... and I'm using my time off to fully digest Wilco's latest offering: Sky Blue Sky. I had successfully avoided listening to the streaming content the band has graciously been offering on their website and I think my discipline has paid off... I get to take it all in at once, at my command... and my first thoughts of it are quite positive.

Though it's definitely not a full-on rock album... it definitely has it's moments where they rock out. I'm confident that these songs will get better with age, and when I see them live in a month, the slower, ballad-type songs will figure in nicely with the rockers from their back catalog.

Here's a nice little video from Amazon of Wilco performing "Side With Seeds".

And for one to grow on... here's the first B-side from the album, "One True Vine". (At least that's what all the cool kids are calling it. B-side to which single... I dunno.)

+ Wilco - One True Vine.mp3


Fornya said...

At the moment, it seems "One True Vine" comes from a promo CD sent out by Nonesuch to indie record stores for folks who pre-ordered "Sky Blue Sky."

Also, there's another bonus track available at the iTunes Music Store: a very rocking "Let's Not Get Carried Away". You can buy it as a single too, but I would've paid for the album all over again just for one bonus track.

bigshoulders said...

thanks for the info, fornya. I will be grabbing that iTunes bonus. funnily enough, I pre-ordered the LP from the Wilco store... as a bonus, they included the full album on CD!


Beth said...

I'm completely smitten with Sky Blue Sky. I got an advance copy about a month ago, so I've had time to fall in love with some songs ("Impossible Germany") and get hooked on others. They're playing in Atlanta in a month ...

bigshoulders said...

I'll be seeing them in Charlotte probably within a day or two of their date in Atlanta.

I can't wait to hear Sky Blue Sky live. I have fallen in love with "You Are My Face" and "Impossible Germany" as well as the title track are my favorites, though that's subject to change with each listen.