Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still the Boss

I am not ashamed: I love Bruce Springsteen.

A longtime fan of the simple, pared-down sounds of 1982's "Nebraska" I was thrilled to find that several of those beloved favorites found their way onto Springsteen's latest: Live in Dublin. Backed with the sessions band (as in the Seeger Sessions) the Boss performed the classic ballad "Highway Patrolman" and I have to admit, it's never sounded better.

Bruce Springsteen — Highway Patrolman (1982)
Bruce Springsteen — Highway Patrolman (2007)

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luisa said...

nebraska. oh yeah.

that is THE album. i bought it a couple of months ago after a friend in ny made me a mix tape with the Boss on it.

i find the track "I'm on Fire" will stick in your brain for days.