Friday, July 20, 2007

The Divine Miss H

... as in Harvey, PJ Harvey performed a one-off show at the Manchester Festival back on that magical day 7-7-7. During her nearly 80-min. set, she featured several new songs from her upcoming album, White Chalk, due out in September.

The original show is available for download at DIME, for those who are torrent-savvy. I have converted three of the new songs to mp3, for those who are impatient. I have no idea what possessed that bloke (the devil?) to bring a freakin' air horn(!) into the show, but I think security ended up escorting him out later. The new songs are piano-based, but we'll have to wait 'til September to hear the studio versions. Until then... enjoy the following:

+ PJ Harvey — The Devil [live].mp3
+ PJ Harvey — White Chalk [live].mp3
+ PJ Harvey — Silence [live].mp3


Manchester International Festival
Bridgewater Hall, UK
07 July 2007

+ Oh My Lover
+ Send His Love To Me
+ Man-Size
+ The Devil
+ White Chalk
+ Dress
+ Angelene
+ My Beautiful Leah
+ Nina In Ecstasy
+ Electric Light
+ Snake
+ Big Exit
+ Down By The Water
+ The Mountain
+ Rid Of Me
+ Silence (new song)
+ Horses In My Dreams
+ The Desperate Kingdom Of Love


Beth said...

I am soooooooooo excited about this album!!!!!

luisa said...

maybe it was not indeed an air horn but a shofar.

a guy at my church used to sneak one into the sanctuary and blow it when he got particularly excited.

bigshoulders said...

@ beth: me too! I'm pulling out (really scrolling to) all my PJ on the iPod. I'm totally diggin' on the Peel Sessions comp. that came out last year.

@ luisa: a shofar! where does one in the western hemisphere even find one of those? i think i'd like to attend one of those services... that would be nothing if not exhilarating!