Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adopt-An-Actor: Michael J. Anderson

The ubiquitous Splotchy has tugged at my heart strings and convinced me I should do my part and adopt an actor. I've chosen an actor that despite his stature, commands quite a presence on the small, and big screen.

Michael J. Anderson, perhaps best known for his role as "The Man from Another Place" from David Lynch's Twin Peaks and more recently as "Samson" from the creepy dust bowl series Carnivàle is one of those unsung heroes of the screen. And I'm proud to call him mine.

In all seriousness, Anderson is quite an inspiration. Born with a genetic bone disease, he grew up in a wheelchair and had over 100 broken bones by age 20. I bet you didn't know this: he worked as a computer expert for NASA, in support of ground operations for the Space Shuttle. [M.J.A. on IMDb]

Should you feel the need to bring an actor into your home, see Splotchy's post for details.

And just to put myself in a Twin Peaks frame of mind, I offer this sweet piece of finger-snappin' free-form jazz from Angelo Badalamenti — Dance of the Dream Man.

Groove on Michael J. Groove on.