Monday, October 15, 2007


On a personnel note, I'm one of the newest "Temps" at DMI, located in Denton, TX. This, of course, is a fictionalized on-line version of the mid-level paper company we know as Dunder Mifflin. If any of my readers are also DMI employees, be sure to leave a comment—especially if you're in the Denton branch!



Candice said...

Hey, Temp.

I was just clicking around... learning about my fellow employees. Your post said to leave a comment, so here I am.

So you have reference, on DMI, I'm CannedIce (I couldn't think of anything else)... and on LJ, I'm pretendinitis (I don't keep an LJ, just signed up for DMI).

Anyway, good luck on the next task. It looks like fun.

luisa said...

3 cheers for Denton!

3 more cheers for temping!
I was a Kelly Girl temp in college.
Oh, the number crunching, the secretary-on-vacation-subbing!

The high point for me was a 6-week stint at a Bank One bankruptcy/car repo HQ.

bigshoulders said...

Denton rocks!

Actually, though, L.... I've been promoted to a "Warehouse" employee, so I'm no longer a Temp, though I often look back on my Temp days with great fondness and a tear in m'eye.

At the Bank One stint, did you get to dispatch the Repo Men?