Friday, November 30, 2007

Fill in the Blank Playlist

Alice — Tom Waits
Alison — Pixies (Live)
Go Amanda — Steve Earle
Amy 88 — The V-Roys
Angelita — The Backsliders
Bob Dylan's 49th Beard — Wilco
Carrie Brown — Steve Earle and The Del McCoury Band
Casey Jones — Grateful Dead
Cecilia Ann — Pixies
Claire — Morphine
Clementine — The Decemberists
D. Boon — Uncle Tupelo
Danny Says — Ramones
Daria — Cake
Elaine — 6 String Drag (includes my favorite local musician: Kenny Roby)
Eleanor Put Your Boots On — Franz Ferdinand
Eleanor Rigby — The Beatles
Emma — Richard Buckner
Evangeline — The Band (w. Emmylou Harris)
Henrietta — The Fratellis
Ingrid Bergman — Billy Bragg
Goodnight Irene — Tom Waits
Hey, Jack Kerouac — 10,000 Maniacs
Jack & Tina — Morphine
Jackie, Dressed in Cobras — The New Pornographers
Jane — Golden Smog
Sweet Jane — Cowboy Junkies
Janine — Soul Coughing (best song in the world feat. an answering machine)
Jesse James — Bruce Springsteen w/ the Sessions Band
Joey — Bob Dylan
John Walker's Blues — Steve Earle
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. — Sufjan Stevens
John Wesley Harding — Bob Dylan
Jolene — The White Stripes
Karen — The National
Karoline — Neko Case
What's the Frequency, Kenneth? — R.E.M.
Lisa — Morphine
Leslie Anne Levine — The Decemberists
Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken — Camera Obscura
Lola — The Kinks
Loretta — Neko Case
Lucinda — Tom Waits
Madaline — Catfish Haven
Madame George — Van Morrison
Mary — The V-Roys
Melissa — Hayseed
Michelle — The Beatles
Ophelia — The Band
Ruby's Arms — Tom Waits
Samson — Regina Spektor
Sheila — Morphine
Sheila, Take A Bow — The Smiths
A Boy Named Sue — Johnny Cash
Suzie Blue — Ben Harper
Sylvia Plath — Ryan Adams
Tom Ames' Prayer — Steve Earle
William, It Was Really Nothing — The Smiths
Willie — Cat Power
Oh Yoko — John Lennon
Yuri-G — PJ Harvey


bigshoulders said...

PS: the bandwith counter resets at midnight.

Anonymous said...

Best song with an answering machine? Gotta be The Replacements, Answering Machine.

bigshoulders said...

To my knowledge, I've never heard that song by The Replacements. I still stand by original statement, though.