Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thumbing towards destiny

An on-line acquaintance of mine (a fellow Straydog, as it were) is thumbing his way across these great United States. His journey actually began in our great white neighbor to the North, and at present, he's somewhere in Ann Arbor, MI.

He's not homeless, but he's taken on a bohemian existence, and traveling on the ├╝ber-cheap. In his blog, he's mentioned a metaphorical casting off of the comfy existence and that he has embarked on this adventure because he's "finished with the trappings of the material world for some time."

His name is Shawn, and I gotta say, I have nothing but admiration for him. He's out there, living a dream. On the threshold of adventure and perhaps misadventure. Some might say that he's running away from someone or something, but I'm more of the opinion that he's running toward something entirely new. Be that as it may, Shawn is out there, some where. His ongoing odyssey is being chronicled every day or so... whenever he has access to the local public library.

If you see him thumbing, be kind, and pick him up. And Shawn, you're more than welcome to three hots and a flop if you make it to my neck of North Carolina.

+ Tom Waits — Straydog
+ Tom Waits — Walk Away
+ Tom Waits — Bottom of the World
+ Tom Waits — Jack & Neal (California, Here I Come)

[Shawn's blog: Windswept Thumb]
[buy Tom Waits: Orphans]

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Beth said...

Oh, how cool! I need to check out his blog. Thanks for letting me know, Big Shoulders. Hope you're well.