Sunday, September 25, 2005

ACLF-Day Two

Day two.
There are a few things I didn't realize before yesterday. Parking is not the easiest thing to come by in Austin. Okay--reasonable parking. There are lots and then there are lots that charge LOTS for parking. And then there's the shuttles, which although they are free to ride, take ~30 min. to get to Zilker. So... being the savvy young couple we are, L. and I figured out (with the help of Aunt and Uncle) how to catch the Austin Cap Metro to within walking distance of the park. We drove a scant few miles, parked the rental, and rode with relative ease on the metro bus. I think we'll be repeating this process tomorrow, as it seemed to be the best solution to getting there stress-free.

The highlight for both of us turned up early in the evening-- The Fiery Furnaces. Although the set was an hour long... they have a very unique way of blending tempos, nonsensical lyrics and first-rate guitar playing into a what seemed to be a full set. They played many songs that I knew, but to my surprise, played some new cuts off of an upcoming album, due out next month. It was a great set, and their live show lived up to the hype. Other artists that rounded out Day Two included: a short segment from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Bruce Robison, Bloc Party, and a few songs from Oasis. Oasis, although a headliner, disappointed this fan. I guess I should have seen them back during their heydey of the late 90's. Those are the songs I really wanted to hear anyway. I'm not cynical... I don't think... but I guess I just didn't want to hear anything but the older songs.

OH! Inbetween sets, I was able to strap on a Gibson SG Standard and rock out at the "G-Pod." I was thankful that I have such an understanding girlfriend, who, although she had to pee, allowed me to be a kid and play a little guitar. She's a keeper-- though I already knew that. :)

It's time for bed... Day Three is nearly here.

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