Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I'm going to be an uncle, again! My brother C. and his wife R. are expecting their fourth to arrive sometime today. I'm so anxious, I'm scared to go down the hall to pee, for fear I'd miss their call. It's rare that I leave my mobile at home, but it happened on this day of days!

Surely it will be several more hours, but the wait is agonizing, and I'm 100 miles away. I can only imagine what that first-time feeling of fatherhood is like. It's the fourth time around for little bro., but I've yet to experience it first hand. I hope to one day, know the full gamut of emotions that only an expectant father knows. I'm not sure I want to experience it four-fold, but I do desire to be a father. Of that, I am sure.

But for now... I'm just a big-shouldered uncle, who would bite his nails if he had any to bite...

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