Sunday, January 01, 2006

Okkervil River

I don't pretend to have my finger on the carotid artery of hip music. But, I do know the right places to look, and this cat at Aquarium Drunkard hasn't steered me wrong yet.

Check out a couple of mp3's from the Austin, TX band: Okkervil River.

For Real.mp3


luisa said...

and i thought i knew all the good austin bands on the scene!

who are these guys?? they're pretty freakin' good.

happy new year!

bigshoulders said...

hey luisa! happy new year to you, too! click here to go to the OR website. they have more info. than i can begin to even go through. the crappy record stores i went to today didn't have "Black Sheep Boy" but i'm not dismayed. i will just order it online.

were you at SxSW and ACLF this year?


luisa said...

no, I missed BOTH this year!

SxSW is crazy big..last time i went, i had to park my car at a friend's house and call a cab to get into downtown..

Bill said...

They had 2 great albums out last year, Black Sheep Boy and its appendix. I have some other mp3's available at my blog -

Satisfied '75 said...

thanks for reading, big shoulders. o luv me some Okkervil river.

bigshoulders said...

goody goody gumdrops! the mailman just made my day... i got my shipment from JagJaguwar (OR's label) and can now commence to immersing myself in Will Sheff's haunted-country world.

what a perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday.