Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve Senryu

new years' eve—
regrets, mingling with hope
i start anew

* * *

strike of the hour—
laughter livens the mood
strangers sing off-key


Annie said...

Regrets, mingling with hope...
So true. Thank heavens for the chance to start anew----over and over again.

bigshoulders said...

right you are, annie... right you are.
enjoyed your blog, what little i've seen of it today. will visit longer when i get a chance.

thanks for stopping by!


Judy Kamilhor said...

Thanks for the good poetic start of the new year. I especially like the strangers singing off-key, with its subtle sadness under the celebration.

a new year,
still waiting for
the first sun

kami (from rainy, cold, cloudy Brooklyn)

bigshoulders said...

thanks for the kind words, kami. the thing about that song "Auld Lang Syne" is that no one really knows the lyrics, but it doesn't seem to matter, really. it's all good.

if i could pipe some of this southern sun up Brooklyn way, i surely would.

kevin (NC)