Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Daniel Johnston

"True Love Will Find You in the End"

It was nearly a year ago at last year's SXSW festival, when I found myself in a dimly lit club on the campus of UT in Austin, TX. I was there to witness musical greatness in the form of Daniel Johnston.

Johnston, who's a quasi-reluctant hero to the underground DIY indie world, has been making music since a little boy. He's battled demons in the form of mental illness along the way, but none of that stuff mattered when he took the stage to a packed room of reverant fans.

I don't recall a setlist, but what I do recall was an humbled, honest performer who poured his guts out in his songs. One of the songs he played was the one featured here:
"True Love Will Find You in the End."

All tracks are off the collection "The Late Great Daniel Johnston" The original, recorded on a home boombox, is a plaintive cry in the wilderness. Beck's take on the song adds a nice harmonica solo, but keeps the Spirit of Johnston's original.

+ True Love Will Find You in the End - Daniel Johnston
+ True Love Will Find You in the End - Beck

bonus track:
+ My Life is Starting Over Again - Teenage Fanclub w. Jad Fair

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