Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wilco Redux

"The best life never leaves your lungs"

Last night's show in Chapel Hill was spectacular. I'm not one to usually complain about a crowd's demeanor, but last night's audience was so much more enthusiastic (it wouldn't have taken a whole lot) than the previous night's mild crowd. Jeff Tweedy and company seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage and continued a bit of banter about congratulating us on the "sporting success" of the university. There were more Durhamites in last night's crowd, which got some mixed boos and cheers. (I get the feeling that Jeff could care less about the local rivalries between UNC and Duke, but I digress...)

I feel blessed to have seen Wilco some 14 times, if my count is correct. The old songs, the deeper cuts are now fewer and farther between, I'm afraid. We were treated to a crowd pleasing "California Stars" from the first Wilco/Bragg project, Mermaid Avenue. Other highlights for me were "Magazine Called Sunset", "Theologians", "Shot in the Arm", "The Good Part", "Is That the Thanks I Get?" (a new song) I could go on and on, but the bottom line is Wilco always leaves me yearning for more. That's why they've kept me as a fan for this long. Until next time...

Long may you run, Wilco. Long may you run.

photo: charlesharris.com


Nick Zegarac said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. Everyone needs that escape to survive.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

sounds like it was a good one!

luisa said...

wilco weekend!
how fun

(14 concerts.... shouldn't you be running the merch table by now?)

bigshoulders said...

nick: thanks for stopping by! i'll be checking out your blog shortly

andrew: oh yeah! it sounds corny, but some of my best memories are entwined with Wilco, either as a musical event itself or simply the soundtrack to great memories.

luisa: are you kiddin' me? you can't see the band if you're busy making change for indecisive concert-goers. :) however, given the chance, i'd be a guitar tech in a NY minute. ;)


its_baxter said...

thanks for your comment