Monday, March 06, 2006

"Rock On, Little Sister"

It's not everyday that my favourite band is in town, and Wilco played the first of a two-night stand at UNC Chapel Hill's Memorial Hall last night. This young lady made her debut at an Asheville show in October of 2005. Her requests for Jeff Tweedy to play "Hummingbird" were warmly received during the Asheville show, and Jeff placated her once again last night.

Jeff spotted the diminuitive fan, and with the spotlight on her in the crowd, her hipster father allowed her to go onstage, where Jeff scooped her up in his arms and sang "Hummingbird" with her to a glowing crowd. At one point, he even ran around the stage enticing her to chase him. It was a moment that will not soon be forgotten by this longtime fan.

[edit June 2007: this young lady made another on stage appearance in Charlotte]


Nick Zegarac said...

Great photo. Groupies...never too young to start.

c said...

that's a nice photo. he's a complex man, mr. tweedy.
sounds like you guys got some good shows.