Monday, December 04, 2006

The Last Orphan

A fellow Straydog created this lovely animation inspired by Tom Waits' "Children's Story" from his latest release, Orphans. I can't imagine ever telling my kids the following story, but the marriage of these two mediums, song and animation, is a sweet union.
Great Job, Matt!

Without further ado...


Danielle said...

Bukowski-esque. Well done and thought-provoking. Who hasn't felt this way?

bigshoulders said...


What you can't hear in this video (but is present in the CD version of the song) is that Waits lets slip a little chuckle after he says "Night-Night." It kind of "balances" out the emotional 'heaviness' if you will. :)

It kind of makes me wonder what kind of bedtime stories, say, Stephen King might tell his children. [shudder]