Friday, January 12, 2007

the magic of motion pictures

I'm at the North Carolina Museum of Art at the moment, tucked away in a darkened projection booth. The din of the projector is rhythmic and monotonous, but anything out of the ordinary will set me afoot to investigate-- but at the moment, all is well.

I've been a projectionist off and on going on 15 years or so. My friend Doug and I both learned the trade at the same movie theatre back in Asheboro. Over the years, we've both scratched each others' backs and helped the other get part-time projection work. It was Doug that got me this gig, and I'm grateful for the chance to once again be in this booth, handling film, and experiencing the magic of motion pictures, from the other side of the glass.

Tonight's feature: "The Fallen Idol" in glorious black and white.
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