Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The V-Roys

I miss the V-Roys. Back in the day (don't you just love it when someone prefaces a statement with those four words?) Knoxville, TN's V-Roys were considered by some to be the best live band in America, and I blew my one and only shot at getting to see them live. Regrettably, they disbanded soon after that chance presented itself and a short time later, their live album "Are You Through Yet?" was released. Posthumously, I might add.

Scott Miller went on to form his band the Commonwealth. And although Miller is doing a solo tour this winter (mostly in sunny South) my heart really yearns for that youthful full-on rock that the V-Roys were known for.

Anyhow, they live on in spirit, or at the very least, on disc. Check 'em out. Here's a couple choice cuts from "Just Add Ice"

+ Sooner or Later.mp3
+ Lie I Believe.mp3
... and "All About Town"
+ Arianne.mp3
+ Fade Away.mp3

Scott Miller on MySpace.

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