Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Saving Grace

I received the most glorious treat in the mail today. It was the sort of package that can actually change the mood of one's day. Yes, dear reader. Great mail can change the outlook on a day. It can add a bounce to one's stride and provide that much-needed light at the end of the proverbial work-week tunnel.

For me, that light, just happened to be a nocturnal sort of light... as in Grace Potter and the Nocturnal's latest release: This is Somewhere.

Though but twenty-four, Grace has the presence and vocal range of a seasoned musician twice her age. The album's opener, "Ah Mary" is a politically-charged rocker, but only revealed as such near the end of the song when ah, Mary becomes 'America.' Brilliant!

Fans of Tift Merritt's brand of vocal stylings would instantly fall for Grace Potter. Her voice easily lends itself to rockers or piano-type ballads, as evidenced by the opener "Ah Mary" (see video below) and "Apologies" a love-gone-awry ballad that is tender, but firm.
"It hurts me that I didn't figure it out before,
and now it's too late for a soliloquy
way too late for dignity
it's time for apologies."
The album brims with a blend of genres, ranging from roots-y blues rock to gospel. A very solid offering from a band that is really turning this newfound fan's ear on its edge.

I look forward to catching their set at Austin City Limits Music Festival next week. They play 2:30-3:30 at the WaMu stage on Sunday, 16-September. Put the sunscreen on, and show up early. I promise you it'll be worth getting there early. See you there.

+ Grace Potter & The Nocturnals — Ah Mary.mp3

Grace Potter performing "Ah Mary" on Leno:

[Grace Potter & The Nocturnals on MySpace]
[buy the record, already]

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Beth said...

I really like "Ah, Mary"! I'll have to check out more of her stuff.