Sunday, September 09, 2007

What would we be without wishful thinking?

The New York Times should redo their masthead:

"All the news that's fit to print — and some that's not."
I regretfully contributed to the blasphemous rumor that Wilco would be performing alongside Billy Bragg on 17-Oct when I wrote this post on Woody Guthrie. It appears the band will be in Detroit that very same evening. Billy Bragg will be performing the songs of Woody Guthrie, but without Wilco.

My apologies.
– b.s.


Beth said...

I heard that sad news from a pal who spent hours Googling for that info ...

luisa said...


oh man, i thought of you this morning, driving to work:

Bob Edwards had the best interviews on this morning about war profiteers and then a man who wrote about where all the nine billion dollars for iraq has gone. it was just published in vanity fair under the title, "Billions over Baghdad".


bigshoulders said...

@ beth: give my apologies to your friend, beth. I so wanted it to be true! Bragg with Wilco! A person can dream...

@ luisa: No doubt about it, there's money to be made in wartime. Only I don't think we'll fully realize the truth about how screwed up things really are. I had a hilarious anonymous comment to a post that I made a long while back. For a good laugh have a looksee here.