Friday, November 23, 2007

R.E.M. — Christmas in Athens

I was a member of the R.E.M. fan club for many, many years. Somewhere along the way I let my membership slide and I keep forgetting to renew my status before the Holiday Fan Club packages are sent out. This year, once again, I lived up to my potential and forgot to re-up in time for the annual Christmas package.

But that doesn't mean I don't have a slew of Christmas-themed R.E.M. goodies from yesteryear's packages. Pipe these babies into your ears and drown out that holiday muzak that the malls push on you. You know better than to listen to that pap.

Without further ado:

+ R.E.M. — Ghost Reindeer In The Sky (1990)
+ R.E.M. — Parade Of Wooden Soldiers (1988)
+ R.E.M. — Toyland (1992)
+ R.E.M. — Christmas In Tunisia (1994)
+ R.E.M. — Good King Wenceslas (1989)
+ R.E.M. — Christmas Griping (1991)
+ R.E.M. — Christmas Time Is Here (1993)
+ R.E.M. — Silver Bells (1993)
+ R.E.M. — Jesus Christ (2002, Big Star Cover)
+ R.E.M. — Christmas Time Is Here Again * (2000, originally a Beatles Fan-Club Only single)
+ R.E.M. — Deck The Halls (from a 1988 Warner Promotional CD)

* If anyone has a complete version of this song, please let me know.
This one seems to be truncated.


Danielle said...

I was thinking tonight about R.E.M. I actually think I may have left a comment about Michael Stipe on your blog before - can't recall.

I love R.E.M. !!!

bigshoulders said...

Hi Danielle,
it's good to see you around again. Yes, you saw them back when Stipe was linked to Natalie Merchant. I was lucky enough to see the Maniacs once before the band broke up, and an incognito ball-cap-clad Stipe joined her onstage for a duet. It wasn't "Campfire Song" however. I think it was "To Sir, With Love".

PS: If the bandwith has exceeded... try back around 9 PM your time.


Will said...

Could you repost the 2000 Fan Club single? I've never heard Christmas Time is here Again or the other two instrumental tracks. Merry Christmas