Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Taking Her "Home" Redux

What a weekend... L. and I criss-crossed the better part of this great state. Spending Friday night in Asheboro, visiting with Little Bro. and his family on Saturday...coming back to the triangle...Visiting the port city of Wilmington on Sunday, having a special birthday dinner with L.'s family... and arriving back home to the triangle later that night.

We had a great visit with my brother and family. The new baby is adorable, and I passed the aforementioned test (although I never had any reservations about not passing it.) I think I saw a smile creep over my Beloved's face as I gently held the new baby, cradling and cooing, gazing in awe at how perfect in every way babies are. Down to the smallest little thing, like fingernails.

Sunday's trip to Wilmington was a lot of fun as well. L.'s mom cooked up a birthday dinner for L. and the entire family that hit the proverbial spot. As I recently became an uncle, so too, is L. soon to become a first-time aunt. Her brother's wife is very pregnant and will no doubt give birth in the next couple weeks, if not sooner. She has that beautiful glow in her skin that all pregnant women give off. She's positively radiant.

It's good to go home.

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