Thursday, October 13, 2005

"Blessed to Be a Witness"

I often have songs in my head it seems. This song, by Ben Harper happens to choke me up every time I hear it. Corcovado, incidentally, is the name of the mountain upon which "Christ the Redeemer" stands in Rio de Janeiro.

"Blessed To Be A Witness"
Written by: Ben Harper

corcovado parted the sky
and through the darkness
on us he shined
crucified in stone
still his blood is my own
glory behold all my eyes have seen

i am blessed to be a witness

some have flown away
and can't be with us here today
like the hills of my home
some have crumbled and now are gone
gather around for today won't come again

i am blessed to be a witness

so much sorrow and pain
still i will not live in vain
like good questions never asked
is wisdom wasted on the past
only by the grace of God go i

i am blessed to be a witness

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starbender said...

Just surfed in-thanks 4 the poem!